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LM Innovations, specialist in tab index and divider cutters

For the cutting of all your personalized dividers, indexes, notches, round corners, or the die cutting of any shapes.

Designer and manufacturer of the Onglematic (tab and index cutters) range, LM INNOVATIONS innovates according to the needs of its customers (printers, copy-centers and anyone dealing with high-quality documents).
According to the models, the Onglematics allow :

  • Manual cutting or electrical cutting
  • Manual positioning or electrical positioning
  • Cutting of bound documents or unbound sheets
  • Cutting of various paper formats

The Onglematics have been designed to cut tab dividers, indexes, diaries...

The Onglematic machines cut dividers to meet everybody’s needs

From simple sheets of 80 gsm paper to sophisticated 500 gsm cards, laminated sheets, PVC, Polypropylene...
Dividers are easily and rapidly cut, immediately as you need them, according to the colours and the number of tabs you wish.

Cutting indexes within the document itself is simple and very cost-effective

Indexes can be cut within the page format. The tabs do not stick out of the document, so they are hard-wearing. The documents are easier to read, to carry, to send and to file..

The Onglematic machines improve the legibility and the appearance of all files and documents

The structure of files and reports becomes clear and obvious. Sections are made easy to identify.
Comfortable reading makes your communication more efficient...

The Onglematic machines have been designed to make high-quality documents throughout the world.

For printing houses, copy shops, print finishing houses,...

Many professionals in the printing industry are equipped with Onglematics.
The Onglematics allow them to optimize their services and productivity.

For general and corporate communication

Any business concerned about the quality of their documents will benefit from the range of Onglematic machines, which will allow them to produce higher quality and more user-friendly documents
Anyone who possesses a binder and who cares about quality communication should have an Onglematic.
Onglematic machines are used around the world in large and small companies and organizations such as advertising and communication agencies, law or accounting offices, hospitals, government departments, ...

Professionals use Onglematic machines in more than 70 countries

Our Products

Manual cutters
Guillotine-Onglematic 3   Guillotine-Onglematic 5

Electrical cutters
Onglematic 6GP   Onglematic 7GP
Knife holder   Thumb cutter

Pneumatic cutters
Onglematic Cutting Press   

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